Amazon digs in on RTO: Come back or it’s ‘not going to work out’

Amazon digs in on RTO: Come back or it’s ‘not going to work out’

Author: Dawn Kawamoto

Update, Aug. 28: Despite pushback from employees, Amazon CEO Andy Jassy told employees during a recent meeting that, if they fail to comply with the return-to-office policy, it’s “not going to work out for you,” Business Insider reports, citing a copy of a recording of the meeting.

It’s the latest sign that employers across industries are increasingly bullish on returning workers to offices, with about three-quarters of organizations requiring at least some time in the office each week, according to recent data.

Amazon’s policy preceded an updated RTO policy by Meta in August, in which employees could be terminated for failing to abide by the company’s in-office attendance requirements. Meta (Facebook), Amazon, Apple, and Alphabet (Google)—four of the five major tech companies formerly known as FAANG)—are linking office attendance with either performance reviews or termination.

Original story: As more employers roll out return-to-office policies, a new strategy from Amazon is making waves.

Amazon recently issued a return-to-office policy that calls for corporate employees to work for three days a week from one of its centrally assigned hub locations, located in large, urban centers—or take a voluntary resignation with no severance pay, according to a report in Business Insider.

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