At JCPenney, return-to-office means employee empowerment, flexibility

At JCPenney, return-to-office means employee empowerment, flexibility

Author: Dawn Kawamoto

Everything is bigger in Texas, including HR innovation.

Last month, retailer JCPenney brought back more than 2,000 office workers to its remodeled corporate headquarters in Plano, Texas, using a flexible hybrid model. The model was not only informed by employee feedback but it was actually led by a cross-functional group of employees who served as a core advisory group as the company drafted its return-to-office plans for use in the Plano and other corporate offices, JCPenney CHRO Andre Joyner tells HRE.

In taking this approach, JCPenney sought the best of both worlds: to satisfy the organization’s drive to have workers back in the office while still speaking to employees’ need for flexibility.

With its flexible hybrid model, Joyner says, the organization wanted to avoid “absolutes,” such as setting the number of days employees must return to the office, and instead to empower teams to come together for “moments that matter.” Leaders determine when it makes the most sense for their teams to go into the office and make their schedules accordingly.

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