HR Technology Europe keynote: ‘We are living in the age of experience’

HR Technology Europe keynote: ‘We are living in the age of experience’

Author: Jill Barth

The inaugural HR Technology Europe Conference and Expo kicked off in Amsterdam this week to a packed auditorium of HR practitioners eager to hear about what’s new in the rapidly changing realm of employee experience.

In the opening keynote, a panel conversation moderated by The Josh Bersin Co.’s Bo Derksen, global analyst Josh Bersin discussed the evolution and complexity of employee engagement and experience. He reminisced about the time, 15-20 years ago, when employee engagement primarily involved conducting surveys, analyzing the data and using it for corporate purposes. However, as they realized this approach was insufficient, many HR leaders started conducting more frequent and localized surveys to get closer to the diverse populations of employees.

Bersin emphasized that the old approach of asking questions and expecting employees to answer them is outdated. Each employee’s role differs in today’s complex global organizations, and understanding specific needs and problems is crucial. Bersin introduced the concept of “employee activation,” which encourages employees to speak up and organizations to listen and adapt based on their needs.


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