Inspiration for the future – HR Technology Las Vegas 2023

Inspiration for the future – HR Technology Las Vegas 2023

Author: Anna Carlsson

In this month’s HR Digi newsletter, inspiring insights from HR Technology in Las Vegas are shared – inspiration for the future in areas such as AI, HR system strategy, and future competence development.

This Month’s Contents:
* Monthly Reflection – Inspiration from HR Technology Las Vegas
* Noted in the HR Tech Industry 💡
* Podcast News 🎧
* Events and Other Professional Development – 2023

Since the last newsletter, I’ve been unusually busy 🐝. That’s why this newsletter is coming a bit later than usual this month. I simply haven’t had the time 🫣.

I’ve been at the Personal & Chef, HR Technology Conference & Exposition in Las Vegas, HR Days, and I’ve been conducting training sessions (HR 💜 Tech & AI with the HR-Association and Basic Training – Digitization for HR with HR Digi).

Both of these training sessions needed updates because there’s so much happening in the HR Tech field, especially in AI & HR. Additionally, I’ve given several presentations and provided some guidance 😅, all during October.

🍁 So, now during the tranquility of the autumn break, the newsletter is finally here 🍁

Now is also the last chance to respond to my survey for this year 🫵 What level is your organization at in terms of HR Digitization? What level are you actively working at?

Reflections on Sweden, digitization, and trends will be in the next newsletter, where I’ll include the survey results alongside the release of this year’s trend episode.


Monthly Reflection

Inspiration for the Future – HR Technology Las Vegas
It was wonderful to be back in Las Vegas! Not so much for the place itself but mainly to see how the tech market has evolved globally over the year. This time, I had the company of Åsa Landin, Johannes Sundlo, and Jonas Carlberg 🙏🏻

📽️ They share their reflections in the video you can find in my earlier post from HR Tech Week.

Wow! What can I say? HR Technology in Las Vegas is an experience in itself. With around 500 exhibitors and about 10,000 attendees, it felt like being in a melting pot of innovation and expertise. It provides so much energy and inspiration 🙏🏻


General Reflection
HR Technology in Las Vegas is incredibly vast, but it’s not just the quantity that impresses – the quality is also top-notch, as usual. The expo showcased everything from the largest players to the smallest up-and-comers. The expertise of the speakers was incredibly high, with many being global-level analysts. It was also very exciting to see so many customer examples – something we often lack in Sweden. Behind all of this lay an impressive amount of technology and vendors that enable new ways of handling HR issues, especially within large organizations.

AI is everywhere
AI was like the air we breathed at the expo – everywhere! AI is affecting us, employees, suppliers – everyone. And it was noticeable. It’s also evident in what is discussed at our local events in Sweden, as well as what is written about on LinkedIn and other platforms.

The trend that Josh Bersin identified regarding AI and vendors is that he divided them into three groups:

  1. Those adding AI to their existing solutions, for example, adding a ChatBot. This is what the majority of vendors are doing.
  2. Those building AI into the solution from the start, like Workday and SuccessFactors.
  3. Those who built their solution with AI from the beginning, including companies like Eightfold, Fuel 50, and several new vendors in the skills area.

What are you, system providers in Sweden, doing?
Have you integrated AI into your solutions? 🤖 is a Swedish example.

You can read the article here: Gritify revolutionizes the recruitment industry with AI technology.

And for those of you working in HR – have you learned how to leverage AI? It’s time to hop on the AI train because it has already left the station! 🚂

Skills, Competence, and Skillstech
A central theme at the event was also the discussion about skills. I usually describe that skills and competence are two different things, where “skills” refer to specific transferable abilities, and competence involves a broader set of knowledge, skills, and abilities, usually related to a job role. There’s no doubt that competence requirements are changing and challenging worldwide. With fewer people working, an aging population, and a new generation entering the job market with entirely different expectations and needs, it becomes increasingly important to understand and address these changes. You also need to think about new ways to recruit based on potential, develop and train internally, and understand what skills your organization needs.

When it comes to vendors in this area, there are plenty to choose from. Microsoft made a significant launch of their “Skills” at HR Technology, and other players like Workday presented their own “Skills” solutions.

You can read the article here.

Additionally, there were many specialists on-site offering expertise in this area.

Talent marketplace is also a hot topic, where companies can match the right talent with the right opportunities internally in an organization through internal projects, jobs, and assignments. The entire area is a game-changer, but also a challenge to make it work.

HR System Strategy
One of the highlights of the expo was the new report from Sapient Insights Group. It emphasized the importance of an HR system strategy and what it means for the organization – the whole organization. It emphasized that HR should not only lead the change journey but also lead companies into the AI era.

You can read more on Sapient Insights Group’s website.

It’s no longer a question of “if” but “how” and “when” we should implement these strategies.

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