The state of upskilling and reskilling

The state of upskilling and reskilling

The new research by TalentLMS and Workable sheds light on the upskilling and reskilling initiatives in U.S. companies, according to 1,000 employees who received training in the past year.

The new research reveals that 7 in 10 employees would like to update their skills more often. At the same time, 80% want companies to invest more in upskilling and reskilling.

The study shows that while satisfaction rates with companies’ upskilling and reskilling programs are quite high, they seem to have dropped over time, from 78% in 2020 to 71% in 2024.

Further research findings reveal:

Difficulty in balancing work and training: 29% of employees worry that dedicating time to learning may lead them to underperform at work
The barrier of fear: Fear of failure is an obstacle for 23% of employees who face challenges while participating in upskilling or reskilling programs
Top employee motivator for training: According to 39% of employees, the biggest drive for upskilling and reskilling is personal growth
Job security: For 64% of employees, upskilling and reskilling enhance their job security
Skills changing faster than ever: Close to 4 in 10 employees are concerned their current skills will become obsolete in the future

What’s more, the survey features 10 data-backed tactics to amp up your skilling initiatives, and reveals additional info such as when employees do their training, key obstacles, employees satisfaction… DOWNLOAD THE FULL REPORT

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