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Meet the HR Tech Friends

Josh Bersin

Global Industry Analyst and CEO

The Josh Bersin Company

Madeline Laurano


Aptitude Research

Keith Sonderling


Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC)

Hung Lee

Tech Talent

Recruiting Brainfood

Kevin Oakes


Institute for Corporate Productivity

Rebecca McKenna

SVP, HR Portfolio

ETC, part of the Arc Network

Johannes Sundlo

Senior Human Resources Manager

Avalanche Studios Group

Anna Carlsson

HR Tech Analyst

HR Digi

Elizabeth Clarke

Executive Editor

Human Resource Executive®

Cathrine Smebye Sørlie

HR leader

Rental Group

Gnosoulla Tsioupra-Lewis

Chief People & Culture Officer

Arc Network

Sharon MacNamara

Account Director


Wendy van Ierschot


VIE People

Theo Lund

Business Analyst


Karl Kwarnmark

Head of Sales & Marketing

Talent Venture Group

Mervyn Dinnen


Talent Watch

Matt Alder

Producer & Host

The Recruiting Future

Thomas Otter

General Partner

Acadian Ventures

Jonas Barck

Chief Marketing Officer


Daniel Kjellsson


Future Talent Council

Jason Averbook

Senior Partner, Global Leader Digital HR Strategy


Jeanne Achille

Founder & CEO

The Devon Group

Tim Sackett


HRU Technical Resource

Steve Boese

President & Co-Founder

H3 HR Advisors

Rina Joosten-Rabou



Sarah White

Executive Member


Åsa Landin

Digital Hr Consultant & Project Manager (Founder)

People Dimension AB

Jessica Eripe

Senior HR Consultant Partner

FEM HR - hands on HR

Melissa Shelley Höjwall

Senior Business Lead - HR transformation


Cecilia Åberg

Consultant - HR, Payroll, Change Management

Oberi AB

Nick Holmes

Vice President, Employee Experience

Avalere Health

Bas van de Hatern

Professional snoop

Van de Hatern Consultancy

Rebecca Wettemann


Principal Analyst

Trish Steed

Founder / Principal Analyst / Consultant

H3 HR Advisors

Kate Achille

Managing Director

The Devon Group

Soumyasanto Sen

VP, Global Head of HR Transformation and Services

Olympus Corporation

Paul Daley

Managing Director


George LaRocque

Founder and Chief Analyst


Sharon O’Dea


Digital Workplace Experience Study DWXS

Jens Bender

Founder & Managing Director

WorkTech Advisory

Team of senior professionals and influencers

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