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HR Technology Europe is where Senior HR Professionals can make strategic decisions on the purchasing and use of HR Technology which will improve the function of HR and company objectives.

For over 26 years, we have been helping HR professionals in the US and Asia achieve this through our Events; where the HR tech community share stories of challenges and success, Global HR Analysts share knowledge and predictions; HR tech solutions are interactive, benefit led, and case studies shared from peers.

HR Technology Europe is where HR professionals can unite, be inspired and ignite positive change.


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Meet the keynotes and leading speakers from the world of HR Tech

Josh Bersin

Global Industry Analyst and CEO

The Josh Bersin Company

Madeline Laurano


Aptitude Research

Hung Lee

Tech Talent

Recruiting Brainfood

Keith Sonderling


Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC)

Kevin Oakes


Institute for Corporate Productivity

Here’s why everyone loves HR Tech!

Madeline Laurano

Founder Aptitude Research

Today’s HR and talent leaders face issues impacting their organizations at both a local and global level. HR Technology Europe will tackle these challenges from macro and micro perspectives, offering cutting-edge insights, best practices and actionable recommendations to help HR teams succeed.

Josh Bersin

Global Industry Analyst The Josh Bersin Company

I'm excited to keynote the HR Technology Europe event this year. It's a fantastic opportunity to bring together a global audience and discuss the topics most impacting organizations today: technology, labor shortages, AI and the ever-changing path toward a more productive future.

Hung Lee

Curator Recruiting Brainfood

The annual HR Technology Conference is a landmark event in our industry, and I am delighted to see that it is finally coming to Europe. Mark it in your calendars, folks. This is going to be a must-attend event.

Keith Sonderling

Commissioner US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission

With the changing dynamics of the worldwide workforce and the rapid integration of workplace technologies, establishing global human capital management standards is more important than ever. HR Technology Europe will be the preeminent location for me to discuss, listen, and build consensus on the emerging lawful, ethical, and beneficial uses of HR technologies.

Melissa Martin

Senior Director Global Employee Relations CSL Behring

Very focused on the technology side of HR and you can find many of your current vendors to network with and competitors to those services. You can also find resources for services that you did not know existed.

Kevin Oakes

CEO Institute for Corporate Productivity (i4cp)

For decades, HR Tech has been the premiere conference to educate and connect HR professionals with the technology leaders that are changing the way we work. It’s great to see this experience expanding into Europe for the first time.

Rebecca McKenna

SVP, HR Portfolio ETC, part of the Arc Network

The addition of HR Technology Conference Europe makes these opportunities more accessible to our overseas audience and will further grow our existing global community as we shape the future of work together.

Denise Cannas

Senior Events Marketing Manager Tellent

Coming together at HR Technology Europe 2024 is vital for the HR community enabling us to collaborate, share best practices, discuss emerging trends, and explore innovative solutions together as a community. This way we encourage growth and innovation in our industry, and help each other stay at the forefront of new developments. Through networking at this event we’ll be able to forge connections that lead to transformative partnerships, ultimately benefiting the entire HR ecosystem.

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News & Insights

October 2023

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Despite pushback from employees, Amazon CEO Andy Jassy told employees during a recent meeting that, if they fail to comply with the return-to-office policy, it’s “not going to work out for you,” Business Insider reports, citing a copy of a recording of the meeting.

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April 2024

Global perspectives on HR technology from a people leader in Norway

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March 2024

Is HR really ready for generative AI? Probably not

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HR Technology Europe

2-3 may 2024 RAI Amsterdam
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