Friends at HR Q&As: Kate Achille, Managing Direct, The Devon Group

Friends at HR Q&As: Kate Achille, Managing Direct, The Devon Group

Why is it important that the HR community get together at HR Technology Europe 2024?

Given the increasingly dispersed nature of today’s workforce, HR Technology Europe 2024 gives our community the chance to connect on a global level. As many of us experience the same challenges and opportunities, albeit from different locations, we need that point of intersection that the HR Technology Conference is known to provide.

When you attend HR Technology Europe 2024, what will you be sharing with conference delegates and your industry peers?

Having been an active participant at HR Technology in the States for nearly 12 years, I’ll be bringing my perspective from my corner of the world in hopes it offers value to other attendees, especially the first-timers.

What are you looking to get out of HR Technology Europe 2024?

I’m looking to meet other members of the HR community, expand my network and learn from the new-to-me voices who will be presenting and new-to-me companies that will be exhibiting.

What are some of the biggest challenges you face in your current role, and how do you think HR Tech Europe 2024 will help address these issues?

Following the volatility of the last four years, many within this space are struggling to support their organisations amid this new phase of globalisation. The HR Technology Europe 2024 agenda and exhibitors clearly recognise this problem, offering programming and solutions to help attendees find the right way forward.

Can you tell us about your background and expertise in HR technology?

I am a former practitioner turned Managing Director of The Devon Group, a tech PR firm with 30 years of experience working with HR technology companies.

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