Is HR really ready for generative AI? Probably not

Is HR really ready for generative AI? Probably not

Author: Brian Sommer

Generative AI is showing up in HR applications in a big way, and interest in the tools is strong. I’ve identified exactly 100 AI use cases in HR, and I’m confident I could add many more to that list. But, are HR departments taking the time to really understand these new capabilities and, more importantly, how others outside the company will use them as well? My recent interactions throughout the industry suggest that HR leaders need to pause the purchasing enthusiasm for a bit and do some soul-searching and research first.

What HR teams will need are:

  • new HR policies regarding the planned (or banned) use of generative AI;
  • deeper understanding of newer AI tools and the specific risks, security and other challenges they could possibly present;
  • new workflows for affected HR activities; and
  • new countermeasures based on how job seekers, employees and others might use generative AI tools

Let’s look at each of these areas.

Should HR object to AI-assisted resumes?

I recently spoke to an audience of about 700 HR professionals on the intersection of AI and HR. Things got interesting when I asked some pointed questions like:

  • Would you choose to decline to move a candidate forward in the recruiting process if their resume or cover letter was materially influenced by a generative AI tool?
  • How would HR professionals react if they suspected a candidate used generative AI technology to identify potential interview questions the job seeker might get asked and that the tool provided suggested answers?
  • Would your HR team acquire some of the new tools that detect AI-generated content that might be present in a job seeker’s resume/application?

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