Q&A with Denise Cannas, Senior Events Marketing Manager at Tellent

Q&A with Denise Cannas, Senior Events Marketing Manager at Tellent

Why are you exhibiting and speaking at HR Technology Europe?
We’ve expanded our solutions, so HR Technology Europe provides a unique platform for us to share this with the wider HR community and re-introduce ourselves. We’re looking forward to connecting with HR professionals, reconnecting with our partners and customers and discovering all the ways the HR technology space is developing.

What are you looking to get out of HR Technology Europe?
We’re eager to connect with the wider community and have conversations about the way the HR field is evolving in terms of innovation, and also in terms of the evolving challenges faced by end-users. We’re also excited to network with new and familiar faces, and see how we can collaborate in future. We’re ready to learn from others, exchange ideas, and ultimately contribute to the collective growth of the HR technology industry.

Why is it important that the HR community gets together at HR Technology Europe 2024?
Coming together enables us to collaborate, share best practices, discuss emerging trends, and explore innovative solutions together as a community. This way we encourage growth and innovation in our industry, and help each other stay at the forefront of new developments. Through networking at this event we’ll be able to forge connections that lead to transformative partnerships, ultimately benefiting the entire HR ecosystem.

HR Technology Europe

4-5 March 2025 RAI, Amsterdam
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