Why talent acquisition pros must learn to analyze data, according to a new book

Why talent acquisition pros must learn to analyze data, according to a new book

Author: Jill Barth

The talent acquisition field has consistently been an early adopter of HR tech, using it “not as a crutch but as a catalyst,” according to Mercer researchers. The consulting firm also found that most HR departments use two or more platforms to facilitate the recruiting process. Meanwhile, new AI-driven solutions are hitting the market at a steady pace. The authors of a highly anticipated book geared toward recruiters and talent acquisition specialists sat down with HRE to discuss how HR leaders can capitalize on technology and digital capabilities for enterprise recruitment efforts.

Talent Acquisition Excellence: Using Digital Capabilities and Analytics to Improve Recruitment (KoganPage) is co-authored by Kevin Wheeler—a seasoned HR, talent acquisition and L&D consultant from Fremont, Calif.—and Bas van de Haterd, a respected speaker and consultant from Soest, the Netherlands.

Throughout the chapters, practical examples and case studies from organizations across the globe provide real-world context. “We believe the general themes in TA are global, but the way they influence your regional or local TA strategy might differ per country,” says van de Haterd. Because of this, the duo has written on global recruiting themes and, where possible, offered localized examples of how they would affect a company in certain jurisdictions.

The book guides readers through common recruitment activities, including how artificial intelligence, algorithms, automation and machine learning can improve them. It also delves into ways broader aspects of the economic landscape have impacted the recruiting practice.

Tech gains in the TA field

According to research from Mercer, TA is taking the lead in early HR tech adoption. A study performed by St. John’s University of New York and Mercer shows virtual recruitment has shifted to the mainstream.

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